JSON / Multipart form methods returning JSON / XML
PerformAssessment All-in-one method to create and update an assessment, send an invitation, and return scores and reports when complete.
GetAssessmentStatus Returns the status of a single assessment
CreateAssessment Creates a new assessment and returns a unique URL to start the assessment
SendInvitation Sends a well-formatted email invitation to the participant with a unique URL to start the assessment
ChangeJob Changes the job assigned to a participant´┐Żs assessment to a different job. If the different job requires additional assessment data and the assessment is already complete, then the assessment will be re-opened
UpdateAssessment Updates an existing assessment and returns what changed
DeleteAssessment Deletes an existing assessment
SetAssessmentCustomData Sets optional custom data for an assessment
Job Fit  
GetCompletedAssessment Returns a list of job fit values for a single complete assessment
GetCompletedAssessments Returns a list of all completed assessments and job fit results for a given datespan
SendReport Sends a PDF report via email. Also see GetReportForJob to download a report
GetJobs Returns a list of the jobs in your company
GetDepartmentTree Returns all or part of your company's department hierarchy in tree format
CreateDepartment Creates a new department
UpdateDepartment Updates an existing department
SetDepartmentEnabled Enables or disables a department (and all descendant departments)
SetDepartmentBilling Sets optional billing data for a department
GetDepartmentBilling Gets active and historical billing data for a department
Binary file methods
GetReportForJob Binary stream to download a PDF report for an assessment/job combination that describes job fit, personality traits, and interview methods. Also see SendReport to email a report